What is Europe Day about?

He europe day will celebrate its second edition 2023 through a solidarity marathon that will take place in Buenos Aires next May 7, with the mission of raising awareness about caring for the environment as a global agenda theme on which the sports day will be characterized.

In a commemorative framework for the founding of the European Economic Community (EEC) on May 9, 1950, the athletic event will consist of a 15-kilometer route through the streets of the capital of the Republic Argentina.

The collection obtained as a result of the inscriptions of each of the participants will go to different charitable institutions. “We continue to demand peace, but this year we are going to give it a greener angle and we are going to run for the planet, that is the objective,” said the ambassador of the EU delegation in Argentina, Amador Sánchez Rico.

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In this line, from the Italian News Agency they specified that “a percentage of what is collected will be donated to the Jean Maggi Foundation, for its commitment to sustainable and inclusive mobility and to the Banco de Bosques Foundation, for its commitment to care of biodiversity and the fight against climate change”.

The organization of the event was sold through a meeting held on Wednesday, March 22, by leaders from the world of running, members of the initiative’s promoting group europe day and also had the presence of officials from the European Union (EU) and the Government of the City of Buenos Aires.

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Background of Europe Day in Argentina

On May 8, 2022, the europe day in national territory when the first edition of the European Union BsAs Run will be implemented, with a schedule made up of various activities that culminated on May 31.

Europe Day in Buenos Aires
Europe Day in Buenos Aires

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In this, Amador Sánchez Rico was pleased and expressed that “they reflect our intention and commitment to collaborate more and more with Argentina and the Argentines, with whom we are united by a lot of values ​​and stories in common”.


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