What results does the Argentine National Team need to be the first in their group?

The Argentina Sub-20 team started the Sub 20 world with the right foot after defeating 2-1 to uzbekistan in the debut and then maintain the path of victory by beating 3-0 Guatemalathus obtaining an ideal score and verifying the classification to the round of 16.

Despite the passage to the next instance, Javier Mascherano will look for their coaches to get into the top 16 of the World Cup, first in Group A. With the last commitment of the first round against New Zealand tomorrow from 18:00, these are the necessary results to achieve the fact.

Without endangering his classification, now the great objective of Argentina is to qualify first to avoid running into higher-ranking rivals in the round of 16.

For this to happen, the albiceleste team must defeat or tie with New Zealand, which is his escort in the group with four points. In the event of a loss to the Oceanics, the team of mascherano would finish in the second position facing the round of 16.

What rivals can Argentina play in the round of 16?

In the absence of a day, the selected ones begin to take accounts to know which rival will touch them in the next instance. In the case of Argentina his opponent can come out of the best next third of groups C, D and E.

Consequently, according to the regulation fifathe first from Group A will face the best third from Group C, D and E. As a result, there are 15 possibilities of classification for the four best third from the six groups.

In this game of chances, the first player in Group A has nine chances out of 15 (60%) of facing the third player in Group C. That is, if the one who finishes third in Group C is among the best third parties, it would be the rival of the Argentina.

Today the third of Group C is Israelbut if he wins on the last date Japan, the place would remain for the Japanese. It could also be senagalwhich for now is fourth, with a worse goal difference than Israel.

If the one from Group C does not enter among the best four third parties, the rival would leave Group D or E. In Group D, Italy (3) is in third place, but with the same points as Brazil (3). Italy will face on the last date Dominican Republic and Brazil to Nigeria. In the E, the remotest opportunity, Tunisia (0 points and -1) is third.

If the first one comes out first, the rival that touches him will play Wednesday, May 31 at 6:00 p.m. in the stadium bicentennial san juan.

If it is second in Group A

In case of falling before New Zealandthe Selection will be second and will have to face the second of Group C, today Japan.

In that case, they will play on Tuesday, May 30 at 6:00 p.m. at the stadium Argentine Falklands Delaware mendoza.